Update on our Missionary Family – January 2020

Judith, Michael, Lydia and Jonah Korsgren

Judith's final service in San Isidrio, Paraguay
The final service at San Isidrio

Judith together with Lydia and Jonah completed the missionary term in Paraguay on 15th December, 2019 and returned to Sweden.

At the final service Judith and the family were thanked for nearly 9 years of service to Paraguay and presented with a silver plaque in commemoration of that service. Judith gave thanks that after 4.5 years they leave a flourishing church in San Isidro, with a stable core and an amazing building and grounds.

The Lord continues to add to the number those who are being saved and she was able to hand over the work to great Pastors with funding and staff to also continue the social project for 2020..

Quoting a devotional by Charles Spurgeon Judith said “You will not come across an affliction without sufficient strength to carry your load” – she had found this to be so true.

Judith Korsgren at her final service in San Isidrio, Paraguay
Judith at the final service

Back to Sweden… and other parts of Europe

The family are now back in Sweden preparing for another chapter in their lives.

At the end of February Judith together with Lydia and Jonah move to a suburb of Stockholm where Judith has a half-time job as Youth Pastor at an Evangelical Alliance church. She will also be working with some coaching (Christian leadership) assignments on-line and in and outside Sweden and vis-à-vis the Spanish-speaking world and Paraguay.

On 18th January Judith together with Lydia will travel to Budapest in Hungary where Judith will teach a week’s Christian coaching course whilst Lydia does some sight-seeing with her Auntie Dawn who will travel from UK for a few days.

Lydia (18) having successfully graduated school in Paraguay, will work in Sweden and plans to go to Bible School with Youth With a Mission in the autumn.

Jonah (16) will complete his on-line schooling at the end of January and then will seek to go to Swedish High School later in the year.

Michael (21) has been living and working back in Stockholm for the past year and is now studying photography and media at College.

Judith said they had lived the past difficult year entrusted to God’s will and the Kingdom of God and that they would try to live 2020 in the same way.