Joseph, Lord in Egypt

Bible Reading

Genesis 39:1-20


‘And though she spoke to Joseph day after day, he refused to go to bed with her or even be with her,’ Gen. 39:10.


We are again looking at lust.

  • In Genesis 3:6 “So when the woman (Eve) SAW that the tree was good for food.”
  • In 2nd Samuel 11:2, “And from the roof he (King David) saw a woman bathing and the woman was very beautiful to behold.
  • In Genesis 39:6b “Now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance” and in verse 7 “And it came to pass after these things that his masters wife cast longing eyes on Joseph.” Again, the lust of the eyes.

This time things would turn out differently in that there was no surrender on the part of Joseph. There is always a price to pay for yielding to temptation, to surrendering to lust.

It cost Joseph’s master

The Joseph we are looking at here is the youngest son of Jacob; the dreamer, the coat of many colours fame, the one who was sold into slavery by his brothers. Joseph eventually ended up running his master Potiphar’s house in Egypt. Because he would not sin by giving in to the charms of his master’s wife, (“You shall not commit adultery.” You shall not covet your neighbour’s wife,” Exodus 20:14 & 17.) it cost him his freedom, for she accused him of doing so and was sent to prison for it. Naturally, Potiphar believed his wife. What a cost to Joseph’s master, he lost the best servant he ever had, one whom he could trust to run his house, his business, and the prosperity that went with it.

Joseph and his family reaped the reward

After Joseph spent two years in prison, pharaoh’s butler remembered his promise to Joseph and told the king how he had interpreted his dream. The timing was perfect because pharaoh had been having dreams and needed someone to interpret them. Joseph was able under God’s guidance to do so. The dreams were a warning about the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph was given an extremely high position in Egypt, second only to pharaoh himself. The result was that he was able to get married and have a family of his own plus he was reunited with his father’s family who had come to Egypt looking for food and experienced the joy of being forgiven by Joseph, all because he did not give in to temptation.

In conclusion

When Eve and Adam gave in, it cost humanity separation from a Holy God and paradise on earth. When David sinned, it cost a wife her husband, who was a brave soldier and later David’s baby also died. When Potiphar’s wife sinned, she lost the best servant her husband ever bought.

You say to me how can I get right with God because of the sins in my life? After all the Bible makes it clear that all have sinned, even the minister! Like David all we must do is repent and seek God’s mercy for He is willing to forgive all who come to Him. “Though your sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isaiah 1:18)