A short message for 8th November – Remembrance Sunday

This short sermon comes from the Reverend Arthur Williams who was due to preach at our service on Remembrance Day.

Bible Readings

Psalm 23 & John 10 vs 6 – 16.


This story is a report from the Second World War. It comes from a tall American doctor tells the story of Commissioner Lord of the Salvation Army who was a prisoner of war in Korea.

We were all dead beat with more days of marching ahead of us – cold and starving – no chance of making it any further! Suddenly old Commissioner Lord appeared in the doorway. He seemed very confidential about something! “Boys”, he said, “Boys, I’ve got news for you, great news, listen.” We all took notice – what’s with this guy ? That old Commissioner’ why he just stood among us and said “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want”, and he went right through that Psalm like it was God’s message to us. I tell you could hear the silence! Then the guards came and told us bluntly – “Get Going Or Die!” All those men rose like they had new strength – every one stuck it out all day in an endless march!

Psalm 23 declares God’s undying love for all of God’s creation which includes all of us ! Think of those prisoners of war suddenly filled with God’s mighty power. I was born and brought up surrounded by farms. This meant that you soon learnt to recognise that sheep needed a great deal of care – I was told by a shepherd that sheep needed constant care. Just like we need God’s constant care and attention that’s why Jesus came as God’s Son to lay down His life for His sheep. It is a special moment of remembrance We need to remember all who gave their lives in wars , thanking God for all who suffered and died !