29 March 2020 – A Short Devotion


On this the second Sunday when we are asked not to meet together, may we take time in our homes to pray, read God’s Word and look at a few thoughts that the Lord has put on my heart for us all.

Come and worship the resurrection God, the Lord of all creation, who is always present, no matter what. Worship him today in spirit and in truth.

Let us pray:

Let us say the Lord’s Prayer together.

Lord, forgive us when we don’t always trust you, when we don’t always trust that you best. Forgive us when we think our timing is better than yours, when we think we know best. Forgive us when we demand things from you, when we want everything now. Forgive us when we turn away from you, when we don’t understand why things have gone wrong, when we feel let down and hurt, thinking that you have rejected us and abandoned us. Forgive us, Lord, and give us renewed hope.

Thank you, Lord for your presence, for holding us and comforting us, for crying with us when we are hurting and weeping with us when we are broken hearted. Thank you that you never let us down, that you always give us hope, we give you thanks and praise. Amen

Bible Reading

Ezekiel 37:1-14
John 11:1-45

Read the Message for Today

Click here to read the message.

Prayers of Intercessions

We pray for our Queen and all members of the royal family, for our Government making decisions that affect our great nation. Those who serve you in the NHS and all who suffer this day as a result of this virus and are ill, grant wisdom to those who care for them. We pray for our Church family during this time of isolation, those who live on their own, who are ill, who find life difficult, for the students in Regents College doing exams and young people studying for life changing A levels and GCSE. For our Missionaries in Sweden and with Smile.
Lord in your mercy hear our prayers Amen


Loving God, give us strength to stay close to you during these difficult days; so may the blessing of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be upon us and remain with us, now and forever. Amen.